In-Person Services

Currently, we provide weekly, ongoing therapy to individual clients. If you are looking to invest in your mental health with a HAVN Therapist, click below to browse our providers and reach out to schedule a session.

We do not take insurance directly, however many insurance plans will reimburse a certain percentage of the fee for service. Check with your insurance provider to see the rate at which you’re eligible for reimbursement.

Having trouble? Contact us at hello@havncollective.com.


Local Events

We believe that experiencing a deep sense of belonging, to oneself and others, is a key element for achieving vibrant emotional wellness. As such, HAVN therapists are committed to creating opportunities to go deeper together through offerings such as groups and workshops. Visit our “Happenings” tab to hang with us in the community.


Online Resources

We want to reach you! We know you’re not all local, so our plan is to create an archive of downloadable materials to help you cultivate wellness practices. Sign up for our newsletter (below) to stay hip to when these will be available.

HAVN is committed to actively fostering an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for humans of all ages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and sexual/gender identities.