Our therapists share a similar ethos: that vibrant emotional wellness comes from a healthy connection between the mind and body, and that sometimes modalities beyond talk therapy are needed to bring relief to our struggles. We’re dedicated to partnering with our clients, working holistically to determine what “health & wellness” looks like for each individual.

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Who are we?

Kathleen Dahlen
Psychotherapist & Co-Founder
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #97659

As a therapist I weave together Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality, infusing sessions with practices to assist you in developing self compassion, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. As a trained Vinyasa Yoga teacher, a core component of my work includes guiding you back to the innate wisdom and intuition held in your body.

Let’s work together if you are struggling in transitional life phases, experiencing stress, anxiety or intimacy/relational issues, are a new or expectant parent, or grew up in an alcoholic family system.

What makes me human is that despite being a huge proponent of regular meditation and exercise for optimal mind/body wellness, trying to schedule these practices into my days is still an ongoing work-in-progress.


Sarah McLaughlin
Psychotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher & Co-Founder
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #85027

As a therapist I enjoy having truly genuine connections with clients and will gladly share in a good laugh or be witness to a much needed cry. I’m interested in how anxiety impacts your thoughts, manifests in your body and how your history contributes to what you experience now. We’ll explore these areas to help you find healing and relief.

Let’s work together if you are a woman experiencing general anxiety and/or if you are noticing obsessive-compulsive tendencies including health anxiety. I also work with those who have experienced recent grief and loss.

What makes me human is my discomfort with disorganization, clutter and chaos. I’m still learning to relax into the messiness of a home, an email inbox, some relationships – the unavoidable messiness of life.


Kara Rubens
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor #5899 supervised by Sarah McLaughlin

As a therapist I believe our past and present emotional experiences can be complex, but the steps we take to improve our well-being don’t necessarily have to be. I incorporate the expressive arts and body-based practices to help you gain fresh perspective and feel empowered on your own journey.

Let’s work together if you tend to live in your head but get a little lonely up there. If you’re seeking support with anxiety, motivation, identity development, or sense of self-worth – we can explore a new, more balanced way of being. I’m also passionate about working with new and expectant parents and LGBTQ+ individuals.

What makes me human is that I both seek out, and struggle with, changes in my life and I find that humor is one of my greatest comforts.


Anitha Mohan
Associate Clinical Social Worker #96913 supervised by Sarah McLaughlin

As a therapist I am interested in the nuance of emotions and how they may manifest in your body, your mind, and your behavior. Together, we will explore how your identity and lived experience come together to influence your story, and how to use what you discover to grow toward self-empowerment and healing through radical self-love and compassion.

Let’s work together if you are currently navigating a shift in your life, experiencing shame and/or guilt, and having a hard time showing yourself love and compassion. I’m particularly interested in working with women of color, especially South Asian women, as well as clients who have experienced sexual assault or trauma.

What makes me human is the way I connect with my loved ones: through food and laughter. What also makes me human is my own struggle in listening to my body and honoring my needs


Elisenda Asencio-MacMartin
Associate Clinical Social Worker #91946 supervised by Sarah McLaughlin

As a therapist I am here to be your companion, confidant and guide. I believe that it is essential to work together to slow things down so that you can identify values, patterns and priorities, in order to work towards a life balance that feels right for you.

Let’s work together if you struggle to practice self-compassion, if the inner critic is loud and/or if you want to become aware of relationship patterns that aren’t working for you. I especially enjoy working with women as they process the end of a relationship and channel the powerful energy that can be present in turning a new page. Additionally, I welcome clients who have experienced grief & loss.

What makes me human is my tendency to get frustrated with myself if something I do doesn’t turn out exactly as I had imagined.  Also, my desire to be out in nature when I need some alone time to recharge.


Ashli Rocha Bastiao
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #97042 supervised by Kathleen Dahlen

As a therapist I believe that cross-cultural differences, difficult family systems, and past trauma can make navigating relationships messy and cloud our thoughts and behaviors. Together we’ll explore your story to better understand and rebuild your relationship with yourself and others.

Let’s work together if you are seeking relief from anxiety and/or depression, and are tired of unsuccessful patterns in relationships. I also work with clients who experience cross-cultural challenges. Additionally, I provide support in both Spanish and Portuguese.

What makes me human is my love of routine and predictability (while also trying to embrace the change in every day) a fruity cup of coffee, and the perseverance to live with intention daily.


Suzanne Young
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #100975 supervised by Kathleen Dahlen

As a therapist I believe that we all crave connection with others and have an innate desire to feel heard and acknowledged. As a therapist, I am humbled and honored to be a part of your journey into self-discovery and living a life with greater purpose and freedom.

Let’s work together if you are struggling with feelings of worry, self-doubt, disconnection, or stagnation in your relationships and/or other aspects of your life.

What makes me human is my desire to connect with others in a meaningful way, my curiosity for learning, and my fear of failure.


Jessica Paden
Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #239732 supervised by Kathleen Dahlen

As a therapist I have a somatic orientation and strive to bring the body back into the therapy room. We process events in the body and in the mind – both components deserve our attention in the work of healing.

Let’s work together if you are an individual with a strong inner critic, feel disconnected from your body and/or struggle with anxiety. I also work with couples who want to deepen their understanding of each other and identify patterns that might be inhibiting connection in the relationship. My work is informed by evidence-based modalities such as EFT, The Gottman Method, and Stan Tatkin’s PACT. I use a holistic approach – engaging in a balance of talk therapy and somatic (embodied experiential) inquiry – to foster empathy and to strengthen a secure bond.

What makes me human is that I try to find a healthy balance in many aspects of my life, and also need seemingly constant reminders to create that balance.



Katie Schmidt
Behavioral Food Therapist

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I guide clients through the process of establishing a sustainable, satisfying relationship with food and body. We do this together by forming mini habits in daily life that strengthen digestion and the mind-body connection, by learning to adopt intuitive eating strategies and by increasing awareness of our choices in and out of the kitchen.

Let’s work together if you want to heal your relationship to food and body, learn how to quiet the diet chatter, connect with your body’s innate wisdom and build sustainable habits.

What makes me human is my sensitive nature and need for quiet space to recharge and reconnect with my own voice. Despite thriving off meaningful connections with clients and friends, I’m an internal processor and enjoy time to myself.

To work with Katie, please email:

Who are you?

As a HAVN Client and Community Member, you are courageous and willing to try something new and different in service of becoming the healthiest, most enlivened version of yourself. Whether that’s by engaging with our in-person, one on one services, participating in our local events, or accessing our online materials, you are part of a greater movement of people who value emotional health and aren’t afraid to talk about it. Want to be part of the conversation? Connect with us on Instagram @havncollective.