Welcome to HAVN Collective

We’re a group of holistic psychotherapists on a shared mission to demystify the process of therapy, remove the shame, and create conversations around Emotional Wellness.


A wellness community for the curious and courageous


Providing regular, ongoing therapy to our local clients will always remain the back-bone of HAVN: our clinicians are skilled in treating a wide range of mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and the challenges that come with life transitions. At the same time, we’re developing creative ways for you to engage with us and access support, whether you are local to the Bay Area or joining us from afar.

In the future, HAVN will be more than a virtual space and a collection of individual offices. As the community continues to grow, we’ll open our brick & mortar center to serve as a hub for gatherings and events, as well as a home base for our clients.